Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Saturday Walk Around My Garden

It's been awhile since I've had the time to walk and enjoy my garden...the rains have been kind to my tropical plants, but i haven't had the time to go out and see whats new and growing in the garden. I think there's been alot of new things going on that I haven't observed lately....come and visit my garden with me and lets discover whats new....

Well look at you...., thanks for greeting me today...

Aaaah the papayas are still green, maybe its time to make some papaya salad instead.

Still alot of tangerines on the trees, nice and sweet ,you can almost taste how ripe they are from the pictures.

OH WOW, my antherium is going crazy..

A fun garden project that I can actually step on...

Another beautiful flower coming out...thanks for making my day!

Aaaah what a beautiful scent you make.....sooo amazing....

There used to be a path here....time to weed again....sigh

Ah yes, you need my attention to, thanks for greeting me today.

Still waiting for your snack I see...

Discovering whats new in the garden was a definitely fun, I need to get out more often even when it rains!

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