Friday, October 30, 2009

Aloha Friday Inspiration....

Here's a beautiful inspirational video of one of my favorite singers Keali'i Reichel with amazing photo shots around Hawaii nei. I saw Keali i perform with his hula ensemble at last year's Merrie Monarch Festival and it was absolutely amazing to see live. One of the highlights to his performance was that his female lead performer, Cherissa Henohean├Ąpuaikawaokele, won the Miss Aloha Hula title while dancing to his music.

Happy Aloha Friday and enjoy....

video by ratgirlfks on you tube.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Island International Food Group / Mexican Night

Last week, we had the best dining experience restaurant experience nooooo! We are talking about amazing dishes prepared by members of our cooking group and the theme this month was Mexican night...with a turnout of over 54 people you can say that there were just an amazing assortment of regional mexican cuisine that would blow your taste buds.

Ola senor....I'm just looking for the mole dish???

Is this an amazing spread or what? Lets just say there was more than enough food to feed the entire block.

Just a quick toast to our host and hostess....ayyy-ayyyy-ayyyyyyy!

Any interested foodie or cooking afficionado are welcome to join our Big Island International Cooking group.

Whats growing in the garden today....

I usually like to walk in the garden every morning after the morning rain here in orchid land....usually just to squish all the slugs and snails that come out in droves after the morning rain. Its also the best time to check out whats blooming and what fruits are almost ready to pick. Its amazing that only after living here for a year, I'm already starting to harvest my own fruits and vegetables including oranges, limes, pineapple, papaya (almost ready), okra, peppers, spinach, eggplant and a slew of herbs.

Of course I'm also spending a lot of time just eradicating weeds, weeds and more weeds. You know, it seems like you blink the the weed becomes a shrub, you blink again and then its a tree. I've been putting my lawn mower to use with the weekly mowing and helps with all the mulch I'm starting to collect and spread to other areas of the garden that are nutrient deficient. Even though everything is green I also have to spread fertilizers regularly since the cindered soil leeches nutrients very quickly and makes some plants look quite anemic and susceptible to diseases. Unfortunately its usually the plants (weeds) that you don't take care of that tend to outgrow everything else.

At least I'm successful with some of the plants I've featured below.

The papayas are almost ready to be picked...unless I decide to make green papaya salad instead.

The tangerines are tangy and sweet depending on how soon I get out to pick them.

Even the weeds are growing strong around the lion.

Here's a hybrid New Guinea Impatient with variegated leaves, I'm going crazy over all the amazing varieties available and how easy they are to propagate.

I love tropicals, this anthurium is over a foot long with amazing colorations....

What new surprises are coming out today?

This Buddha is starting to get overwhelmed by a patch of coleus that started at 4inches and is now over four foot tall and overtaking the rest of the garden bed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Beautiful Day for a Wedding in Poihiki

Its was a gorgeous Saturday morning and my friend Leilani calls to tell me a gaggle of friends are going down to see the pageant wedding of our county council representative Emily Naeole and this was a must see event for Puna (the area she represents)...I was expecting a full blown affair and Emily coming down to the water on a horse drawn carriage...well it wasn't that dramatic or a pageant like but it was still a beautiful and spiritual, the councilwoman has tied the knot with her cowboy with all the people of puna witnessing.

It was a beautiful morning with not a cloud in the sky. It seems like every morning should start off at the beach.

The Girlie's are gussied up and ready to party! My friend Cherie, Leilani and Janet.

All of puna were in attendance...really a mixed bag of people!

Best seat in the house...ah those punatics are everywhere...

In the presence of friends and family, Emily and her cowboy tied the knot.

The tutus are getting down, its time to Party!!!

While Emily dances, Raymond, her cowboy is strumming the guitar and singing a serenade to her he composed.

Even the surf boys knew it was Emily's day....

This last photo just about says it all!

Girlies all dolled up and looking for a good time....

True Sari-Sari Style (mixed plate) of photo ops.

This is just as a teaser and preview of what I would like to show on my blog, these are photos of recent and not so recent pictures of life in this beautiful Island of Hawaii. The photos include a cattelya orchid from Atsukas, kamehameha day. There are photos of the ocean area around poihiki and a tropical fish and honu. I'm hoping to start posting more beautiful pictures of living in the Big Island and things I discover along the way.

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