Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Mexican Cuisine

Its always a treat to try something new to eat and our International Cooking group just love trying different cuisines to cook and then gather and eat, eat and then eat some more.

Doesn't this baked shrimp with fresh shucked corn look delicious - and it was!

Tonight's theme is New Mexican Cuisine which is very distinctive in combinations and spices.

Some members bring their dishes fully prepared and other's come and cook right at
the event so the food will be fresh  and oh so hot from the stove

An interesting appetizer with hot green chilies, cheddar cheese and lots of butter with the foccacia

I got to sample this yummy margarita in a bottle, pretty and quite good.

Nothing beats baked pork and spice mole sauce.

Or how about trying this savory cheesecake with different colored peppers?

Just waiting to start the eating frenzy, in a moment of calm.

The dessert was also unusual with this bread pudding made with raisins, 12 grain bread, maple syrup, white cheddar cheese and lots of butter and the a dollop of yogurt on top.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hula at Volcanoes National Park



You never know what to expect weather wise when the monthly hula performances at Volcanoes National park are shown outdoors overlooking the beautiful caldera. Today had everything, winds, mist, intense rain, sun, nice filtered light and combinations of all the above.

The dancing on the other hand was nothing short of breath taking, hula story telling and dancing at its finest and most exciting to see.






Traditional kahiko performances which is the ancient way of dancing in Hawaii were presented with beautiful adornments and leis.




The hands really do tell the story in their hula.







As you can see the from the photos, the dancers were so into their story telling and love of dancing hula. It was a special moment even in harsh outdoor elements to enjoy this ceremony.


If you come visit, check out the calendar at Volcanoes National Park for their monthly hula performances, they are really special and worth seeing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii



Wearing or making leis today is special as the first day in May is our lei day and lei celebrations happen throughout the islands.



There are so many different types of leis from very simple strands to very elaborate displays.



Of course, the scented leis like the plumerias below just add to the special feeling and smell of wearing one of these beautiful leis today.





Orchid leis below are made with many flowers and are colorful and dramatic to wear.




Its fun to have events and tokens to celebrate days like Lei Day in Hawaii. Have a great May lei day!

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