Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bits of my Weekend

It was a very low key weekend for a change,
usually I have too many things packed on my to do list
but this weekend i actually took it nice and easy....

Stayed in bed till past seven in the morning,
 which is late for me,
I finally finished a
book that took me waaay to long to finish, but
 i'm glad i finally finished it.

It was only 65 degrees this morning....brrrrrr.
I made some nice
warm oatmeal
with lots of nuts and raisins,
and honey,
 and lots of chocolate sprinkles.

I took a nice walk around the garden
this morning and
pulled out some more weeds
 then transplanted some pot bound plants.

I made alot of cuttings with
these coleus plants,
 they are getting almost
 five feet tall  (scary!!!)

Stopped to take a picture of my
variegated impatient
isn't it striking?

Went to Arthur's studio to do some figure drawing

 its been awhile
since i've come down to play with
my pencils again

and it shows... (frustration)

Made a nice big pot of Turkey soup, from all the turkey leftovers yesterday...

hmmm,  I can't wait til supper time...

Sunday afternoon, I play volleyball
at Kalapana with
a regular bunch of rowdies...
its very competitive

but fun...

Well that wasn't as low key a weekend as I thought...
typical for me!

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