Monday, February 10, 2014

HIlo Chinese New Years Highlights

What a fun celebration participating in the 12th annual Hilo Chinese New Year's festival on Hawaii Island. It was a beautiful and sunny day filled with fun activities, displays, music programs and a lot of entertainment focused on the year of the Horse.



A very popular Fu dob makes it's appearance with taiko drummers entertaining the crowds with rolls and tricks, they just love taking your red envelops and dollars as a good luck gesture for the new year.

Calligraphy artists were on hand offering free written prosperity and Health and Happiness in red cards for you to take home for personal good luck and affirmations.

Of course the traditional lion dances with plenty of loud firecrackers were the official start and performance to the Hilo festivities, it is always a colorful dance and a lot of fun to witness or just to photograph.

Let's make some loud drumming and banging, it's Chinese New Years and the dragons are ready to dance.

Red envelops are a sign of good luck for the New Years and is given at any age.

Fluffy chickens with aloha leis were available for children to hold and feed...and they all flock to pet and cuddle these cuties all day long.

It was another successful Chinese New Years celebration in Hilo, what a wonderful way way to enjoy the day and appreciate Chinese culture, traditions and food - Kung Hei Fat Choi.

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