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Waipio Valley and beach

Exploring Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii

Beautiful Waipio valley is a gorgeous valley and largest canyon on the Kohala side of the Big Island. You get there through the gateway town at Honoka'a town.

This valley is huge and grand unlike the other side of the Kohala range of gulches at Polulu Valley and the historic paniolo town of Waimea town and it's historic Waimea church row and cherry blossom trees or even checking out the cool Waimea farmers markets. Or if you are into beach fun, why not explore Hapuna beach or the fun A - bay located just off Waikoloa village area.

If you are visiting Kona town or flying into Kona International airport to the kohala and Hamakua area, the drive is on flat and fast highways through the coastline areas.

It's a beautiful place to visit, go see it.


Visiting Hilo - things to do in Hilo, Hawaii 

Hilo, Hawaii is the state’s third largest city and feels quiet, sleepy and unchanged from all the progress made in Hawaii. But seeing Hilo’s past and present combined with same old town vibe is actually one of the best things to experience here on the island and why it really has a special charm and place to explore in Hawaii.

Cool places to visit include:

1. Lili'uokalani garden - a beautiful japanese garden on the bayfront

2. Carlsmith Beach – beautiful lagoons and islands to swim to

3. Reeds bay – shallow water and lagoons and family friendly downtown

4. Coconut Island – small protected coves and gravel beaches with a tower you can jump from

5. Honolii beach – a surfing, body boarding beach with mostly gravel beach

6. Richardson Ocean Park – A local popular beach with sandy and rocky inlets and lots of turtles.

There's so many gorgeous beach areas but also cool places to explore like Rainbow waterfalls , Akaka Falls in Onomea area, the cool Kaumana Caves and visiting the eastern coastlines of the Puna district, Pahoa town and cool attractions in east Hawaii of Kehena beach, Pohoiki and Lava tree state park. The biggest weekend attraction being the Maku'u Market outside of Pahoa town. One of the best places to get local Hawaiian fruit, Vegetable starts and plants or some delicious desserts or local foods like Lau Lau  or some Hawaiian snacks for take out service.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

 Visiting Paia and Haiku

If you're looking for some fun and cool things to do in Northeast Maui, check out my post on the top things to do in Paia and Haiku here for more details and pictures to visiting the surrounding areas.

 Exploring Hilo town

There's so much to enjoy around Hilo and visiting the main attractions of Hilo are not to be missed. Check out my current post on my favorite and top things to do in Hilo Hawaii now.

You'll enjoy visiting Hilo and places around East Hawaii

Monday, April 17, 2017

Visiting Hawaii Island with Children

Visiting Hawaii Island with Children

I wrote a post recently on my blog on Travel Photo Discovery about visiting the Big Island, called Things to do on the Big Island with Kids. My sister visited with her children from Ohio and they spent close to 10 days visiting the island and we toured to all the main attractions and places of interest worth visiting with children.

I think some of their favorite experiences involved being in or around water along with seeing a lot of sea life for the first time. Suprisingly we didn't get to see any whales but saw a lot of dolphins, turtles and a ton of tropical fish and coral.

We spent a little bit of time on the West side of Hawaii island and I wrote about some of my favorite spots here called Hawaii Island, Key Attractions on the West side. I also toured them to some of my favorite spots in East Hawaii and highlighted those in a post called Highlights visiting the east side of Hawaii.

Please check out any these posts above for inspiration and share if you enjoyed reading the post.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Introducing A Big Island Life

Introducing A Big Island Life

I've been so busy lately with my new website, it is called A Big Island Life, a site dedicated to everything about the Big Island of Hawaii and living aloha.

It covers every facet of Big Island living including: lifestyle and culture, green living and gardening, design, events, music and art, recreation and sports and special interest to living or just visiting the island.

Please come and visit the website and if you would love to see more, subscribe to my updates and newsletters via email so you will get all the latest updates for free.

Aloha and enjoy A Big Island Life!

Monday, February 10, 2014

HIlo Chinese New Years Highlights

What a fun celebration participating in the 12th annual Hilo Chinese New Year's festival on Hawaii Island. It was a beautiful and sunny day filled with fun activities, displays, music programs and a lot of entertainment focused on the year of the Horse.



A very popular Fu dob makes it's appearance with taiko drummers entertaining the crowds with rolls and tricks, they just love taking your red envelops and dollars as a good luck gesture for the new year.

Calligraphy artists were on hand offering free written prosperity and Health and Happiness in red cards for you to take home for personal good luck and affirmations.

Of course the traditional lion dances with plenty of loud firecrackers were the official start and performance to the Hilo festivities, it is always a colorful dance and a lot of fun to witness or just to photograph.

Let's make some loud drumming and banging, it's Chinese New Years and the dragons are ready to dance.

Red envelops are a sign of good luck for the New Years and is given at any age.

Fluffy chickens with aloha leis were available for children to hold and feed...and they all flock to pet and cuddle these cuties all day long.

It was another successful Chinese New Years celebration in Hilo, what a wonderful way way to enjoy the day and appreciate Chinese culture, traditions and food - Kung Hei Fat Choi.

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