Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chinese New Year in Hilo

It was an auspicious occassion to have heavy rain at the Chinese New Year celebration in Hilo, Hawaii. The year of the water dragon was celebrated Hilo style with an amazing monsoon storm, which didn't deter any of the participants to the yearly event. There were many dragons and dragon dances on display along with an endless supply of really loud firecrackers to the audience delight.

A surprise visit below is visible in the children's faces, they just loved it!

Rainy days are a sign of good luck and the colorful umbrellas go up and the fun keeps on going.

I loved this shot in black and white and all the little keiki (children) huddle up together to get up to the front to see the show.

That's our Chinese New Year Hilo style, thanks for visiting!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival, Waimea



This was my first visit to the Cherry Blossom festival in Waimea Hawaii, and I’m glad I finally made the easy trek out to Waimea to see all the amazing things happening at this fantastic celebration to the Cherry Blossom.

This of course is the annual blooming of the cherry blossums along church row in Waimea, the festival celebrates with a huge line-up of spectacular venues and events that lasts all day – it is a must see event - I wonder why it took me such a long time to finally see this – its fantastic!

The entire island comes to this event from the east and west side of the island and the streets and all the gathering places are packed with beautiful displays, programs, music and of course the delicious food –’ Onolicious’ is what we say!

I got to see highlights of every thing that makes this event a must see, take a look below.


The oldest church in Waimea, the Imiloa was shining brilliantly against a blue, blue sky and the inside was glowing with all this beautiful and exotic koa wood.






Bonsai displays were all over church row from various bonsai groups, I loved to capture the work in progress, along with the finished product.






The interior of the Honwanji in Waimea, the alter is ornate and filled with beautiful pieces including this dragon pot in front, and I’m wondering if they store anything inside to share with the congregation.








Tea ceremonies were being shared at the Parker home and museum…I have to say I was mesmerized and yes the Parker home is also quite stunning!








Well that shows some of the highlights to my visit, I’ll make sure to make this an annual visit in my calendar of events around Hawaii Island.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Walk Through Waa Waa



Deep into the wild and thick forests at Waa Waa, an unruly and almost untamed part of East Hawaii.  Even the roadway to this wilderness is pock-marked with deep potholes, water filled ponds collect everywhere and make it almost impossible to move along the muddy dirt road especially after a heavy rain.

It feels very magical here, like time has stood still for a very long time and you can almost imagine dinosaurs from a very long time ago actually living in this Jurassic Park like zone, even though that only happens in movies.




Amazing plants abound and grow way up in the tree canopy including this wild birds nest fern (Asplenium nidus), the leaves growing over five to six feet in length alone. I wish some were closer to the ground for me to bring back a plant for my garden, but these plants live way up in the trees hard for the plant collectors to reach.



Here is a longer shot of the fern high above the forest canopy and magically

it up by the shaft of light illuminating its beautiful leaves.


Large limbs or aerial roots drape from these large trees and are very solid as you can see

from a friend swinging here to test the strong roots.





Eventually we make it to the clearing at the end were deafening sounds of the ocean crashing

can be heard…we see the huge waves battering the coastline and throwing huge boulders onto the rough shoreline.  I took a shot of this imaginary piece symbol with the two rocks lit up the waves in the background.




This huge arch at the end of the rocky beach is the highlight of the hike, the waves are fierce and hurling huge sprays along the shoreline.









This was a wonderful and short hike, I’m glad this area is rarely traveled except for those who live in this area.



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