Friday, April 29, 2011


 Making leis is a beautiful craft and at the yearly Merri Monarch Festival celebrating all things hula, the craft shows are lined with master crafters that make spectacular leis

Usually in the front of the craft centers these amazing crafters lure their audience with dazzling arrangements, colors and did I mention the heavenly scents.

The middle lei, filled with jasmine and gardenia....can you smell the sweet scents?


A beautiful lei made completely with natural fibers and plant materials, none of these are died materials.

Here's a whole collection just displayed as a whole, the colors are really amazing to see.

This piece just draws you in completely.


Each piece is truly a work of art and something worth wearing if only for the rest of this exciting week.



The tough decision is always to choose which one you would like to wear for these events.

Aren't these amazing, hope you enjoyed them.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth Day Celebration

I went to the Volcano's National park to view a special hula celebrating Earth day and it was a wonderful experience to be in the presence of nature and the active lava in front of us. These hula dancers from Waimea are paying tribute to Pele who lives in the caldera known as Kilauea.


The hula celebrations are a monthly performance and educational opportunities for the various halau's (hula dance troups) to perform for an audience at the national park. Being in the presence of a living eruption, and a historical presence at Kilauea adds to the excitement of this performance. 

The Kumu (instructor) shared many stories about how important nature and the native Hawaiians care and respect for the aina (land). They used only what was essential in their daily rituals and dances. The ancient people's took very special care of the land, the environment and all the resources that were utilized by the native population. And in a similar tradition, the kumu's dance troup are starting to grow most of their own plants that are becoming more rare even in Hawaii.

With the scarcity of these resources necessary in many decorative costumes and materials for their performances, the troups planting of native plants has created a real appreciation to how important the aina is and respect for utilizing these resources with care.

 Facing the active Volcano, the hula dancers perform as a tribute and also entertains the audience with dances commemorating Pele, Laka and other important alii (rulers) from the ancient times. The ancient Hawaiians revered and were frightened by Pele - the goddess of fire, and hulas were a common activity to appease her.

A sweet smile makes the audience more engaged with the performances.

The halau takes their final bow for today's performance....very well done.

Fronting the magical presence of Kilaeau Volcano, it is a very spiritual area.

It was a wonderful performance and such a nice sunny day to be outside sharing this event. This is my contribution to our Earth Day, thanks for visiting.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Roman Feast

Our international food group gathered again on sunday to celebrate a roman feast, it was a real challenge for most of the members to come up with an amazing dish and considering that there was a prize for the most spectacular presentation.


 Considering there were no peacocks or flamingoes or other exotic meats to be found on our island. It was challenging not to have use of the typical ingredients we associate with Italian meals like tomatoes, rice, potatoes and various grains. There were still many creative and flavorful dishes presented that stole the show.

Everyone was dressed in their best Roman finery for this gala and it was a very festive party.


Our hostess greeting the guests and introducing the dishes that will be served in succession.

 Even the weather was perfect, beautiful blue skies and a slight breezy wind. Off shore, a mother whale and baby were playfully making a guest appearance to our exotic event and giving us flipper slaps and breaches, like a high five to add to the fesitivies.

A gorgeous full moon completes this amazing dinner celebration, it was a party not to be missed.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photo hunt Challenge

Its a cool and wet morning today so I'm on the my computer with a cup of coffee enjoying the morning and surfing the net. Well of course its photohunt day today and the of theme is trees is today's challeng. We have so many beautiful one's to show you in Hawaii, but what always comes to mind are coconut trees. Usually a beautiful grouping by the ocean with amazing vistas of the shoreline or moody skies. This scene I could never get tired of, its a picture along the shore where I take regular morning walks. Talking a picture and seeing it here, just immortalizes the beauty of this area - don't you agree?

I hope you enjoy the views from Hawaii.....

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Great Morning

Its been a very wet week with constant rain and cloudy skies.  Saturday morning the clouds cleared, on my regular walk around the shoreline in Hawaiian Paradise Park. It was truly a beautiful morning sunrise filled with pastel colored skies. The golden cast illuminating the surrounding rocks along the coast and creating a breath taking moment that I just had to capture with my camera.

I really am in awe with my morning walks especially when I can see these constant changes taking place in front of me.

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