Friday, August 27, 2010

The Night Moon for Skywatch

The somber hues of an ominous, dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging face of the full moon. ~Kim Elizabeth

Another skywatch friday brings us to the rim of Volcano's National Park in Hawaii, overlooking the caldera of Halema`uma`u crater. I was amazed by the full moon's glow over this caldera which was also glowing on its own with vivid red hues and intense smoke plumes eminating from the crater.  If only I had though about bringing my wide angle lens then I would be able to capture both the moon and the red glow of the volcano and show you both the amazing combination of white and red lights, a really magical moment.... But, I didn't bring my lens....oh well, so I am now focusing on our beautiful full moon to present to you.

At many points, the clouds were swirling quickly around our moon and creating different effects and moody skies, very dramatic and somber.  I loved the ethereal and wispy atmosphere surrounding this full moon.

I wish I was not such a clutz controling my camera on night scenes, I always have a hard time seeing my camera settings with my poor vision during the night. But, at least I got some decent shots... okay, just passable, I am too critical for details.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun with the Ladies

What could be more exciting than spending some quality with these amazing ladies...well when you combine Mahjong with this gathering then you know just what I'm talking about....crazy fun!

A really good time - and intense playing combined with a little jabbing humor tossed in....yeah those gals will keep you on your toes!

Since I'm relatively new at this game, I'm still learning my Pungs, from my Kongs and when its ideal to really mahjong. The fun part is the comraderie and enjoying alot of wonderful stories from these lovely ladies.

Okay thats another mahjong and I only got 10 points, boy have I got alot of things to learn to play with the big ladies, the hula dance class is afterwards, can I join toooo????

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cajun Night

We had another fun night Sunday with our Big Island International Cooking group and boy was the the Cajun theme going strong. Everyone was in a very festive mood with alot of hungry people ready to dive into all the delicious spicy cuisine.

But before everyone started on the buffet, we had an educational requirement for each gathering to do something in relation to the theme.  That night, we prepared and made spicy cajun sausages with pork, chicken along with various cajun spices and even some fruit added to the mix.

Feeding the sausage preparation into the casings and twisting the sausage to finish the ends.

You can't help but laugh at some of the funny moments when it comes to making sausages and shaping them into the various shapes and sizes - and that induces some large guffaws!

As you can see it takes a group collaborative to use the equipment and create the end product, lots of serious concentration going on here (no not really).

An of course more funny moments that make you want to laugh again...what is it about making sausages that put people in an endless, and humorous mindset?

Now thats some good looking sausages, don't you think?

Ah, finally enough with the joking and time for some serious eating, we have jambalaya, shrimp etoufee, dirty rice, lobster bisque, cajun eggplant and chicken casserole, shrimp creole, and too many other dishes to even try in one seating, let alone the different types of sausages made for the night.

Everyone find a spot - its time for some serious eating and no talking now!

Its always food made from scratch and what alot of fun it is to try to make something new and unexpected  with our cooking group.  Okay, its time for dessert, did I mention we have a whole table set up for desserts to....oh boy!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Photohunt Challenge = Orange

This weekend's photohunt challenge is right up my alley today. Orange is the theme, and what tropical climate doesn't include this hot and vivid color in its many flowers, you are surrounded by so many shades of orange everywhere you go in Hawaii.

I went recently to our Orchid show sponsored by the Hilo Orchid Society, and there were so many amazing new varieties of orchids being introduced at this show. Hawaii island in case no-one knows is also called the orchid isle due to the many orchid growers, nurseries and enthusiasts that grow and hybridize these exotic and special plants. This truly unique show covers the gamut of many orchid species including dendrobiums, cattleyas, cymbidiums, epipdendrums, phapiopedilum, phrags or lady slippers, vandas and too many others that are always being introduced at this show.

The first orchid shown is a truely exotic specimen that won the blue medal for phapiopedilum or lady slipper entry. Called Gertrude Hauserman, (I'm assuming the owner dedicated the name to someone significant) is quite spectacular and unusual because of its intense orange glowing effect and clustered nature.

Here's a side profile look of this beauty.

I've also included other oranged hued specimens that did not win medals but were showstoppers in their own right.

Here's another exotic beauty that just glows from the backlit light, isn't this one gorgeous?

Another beautiful cattleya that I was able to capture close up, but I didn't get a chance to find the markings on this one. I think the cattleyas are quite showy and dainty at the same time.

If you ever come to visit Hawaii island, come and visit a tropical nursery, a farmers market or some of our amazing botanical gardens. You are bound to see some exotic plants including some truly amazing orchids on display.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Watery Wednesday on Hilo Bay

Aaaah, being on the water again is exhilarating here in Hilo, Hawaii, especially in a really fast sailboat. Even though these small hobies are small, they are quite zippy and easy to manuever.  Feeling the sun, wind and occasional splashes of water is such a rush.

Hilo has such a picturesque bay with beautiful vistas of the town, the Hamakua coastline and the Mauna Kea Volcano in the background. Today the weather is cooperating and the sun and wind is quite amazing. Yes, its good to be out on the water especially on these really fun boats and engaging conversation.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge = Colorful

My colorful photohunt challenge this week was very easy, I recently went to visit this ti nursery close to where I live in Hawaiian Paradise Park in the Puna District and took an exciting photo tour of this colorful property.

This grower started his nursery as a hobby to eventually turn this into a full time business when he retires. Meanwhile, he has a stunning show garden and nursery up and running for business. I discovered this nursery after seeing his wonderful ti plants at the local Macuu farmers market in East Hawaii and after seeing all the vivid and colorful varieties, I was inspired to see I could visiit and photograph his nursery.

What I didn't expect to find was this exotic and other-worldy show garden in addition to this simple nursery. He grew some of the most exhuberant, bold, and variegated accent plants. Every time I turned to a new angle I was confronted with exciting compositions.

Intense colorations and intense shades of red from just this one plant... isn't it striking? 

All the curved surfaces and raindrops remind me of the sensual curves of another abstract painter with a very colorful palete.  This is a very inspiring place, don't you agree?

I hope you enjoyed this ti farm tour, its a very special place on this side of the island. 

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