Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blue Skies at Last

The Christmas holiday visiting family and friends in San Francisco and the Bay Area was something I was looking forward to despite the dreary cold and rainy weather forecasted ahead for the holidays. And it has been dreary and wet.

So when I saw a brief hint of blue, I dashed to Bakers Beach which is a only a few blocks away and was rewarded with Beautiful skies crowned with puffy blue skies and the city looked dazzling again at least for this bright and yet brief moment in time and amazingly I was the only one at the beach to witness this magic moment - what a treasure!

The sky was starting to turn into its brilliant sunset colors, ending a cold and wet day on a slightly warmer and golden note and I was glad to witness this and enjoy the moment.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas Surprise


Have you seen this lovely Christmas YouTube. Its so beautiful and it so well done. I also sing in our local men’s chorus and have secretly wished we could do something special like this.



Actually, our men’s choral group called the Puna Men’s Chorus just wrapped up our Christmas performances and it was very successful. We are just so thankful to all the wonderful supporters and glee enthusiasts that are encouraging our little group to grow.


Who knows, maybe one of these day’s we will be posting something fun and surprising like the video above.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Along the Red Road



This area along the most eastern coastline of East Hawaii used to have a one lane red asphalt road running the entire length of its shoreline and nicknamed the red road. Even thought the road was widened and black asphalt laid down, its still lovingly called the red road. The entire puna coast is magical and filled with lush forests, rugged coastline and coconut groves which all allude to a place unchanged in decades.
I love to explore this area and visit regularly to see friends and just enjoy the amazing views.


There are many lava tubes that can be explored along the ways that have been used by the ancients to bury relatives or even store provisions. These places are quiet spiritual and have such an alluring presence.




The coconut groves along the shorelines seem to extend forever and ancient trails connecting many old communities along the coast are still intact and used by locals to traverse and find secret fishing spots or areas to relax and watch all the stars at night.



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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Second Anniversary Party at the Beach.

This event marks our second anniverary as the Big Island international food group gathered for another spectacular feast. What has started as a low key group of foodies getting together with themed cooking events has blossumed to a full fledged non-profit group, adding on educational programs to our gatherings, monthly contributions to our local food basket and even volunteering there with group sorting and packing work. We hope to influence and help others in need with the community and will be doing more outreach and supporting scholarship funds or other educational programs through our efforts.

This just shows that a collective gathering of like minds can make an impact outside of simple potlucks, but collectively can make a contribution to our community.

We made special placemats filled with photos of previous cooking gatherings from the past including our french, filipino, tapas to our first wine tasting and pupu party.

Tonight we recreated a chinese banquet to celebrate the first event gathering which was a chinese theme and  the selections ranged from lemon chicken, to hot and sour soup to pot stickers completely made from scratch.

This event also marks a special aloha to our friend Kathleen who has just recovered from a major car trauma and was here to celebrate her recovery and enjoy the festivities.

.....As you can see the food line started up early and the plates were easily filled up.

Whats an anniversary party without having it at the beach in Hawaii, these are the sous chefs that make each and every event special. It was a special night and the photo shows how wonderful each sous chef is to this group.


I thank the sous chefs who have made a tireless effort to make each and every event special, aloha to you. 

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday with just Exotic Orchids

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