Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Deals Around Town

You know people always say Hawaii is a very expensive place to live, eat, shop and go for entertainment. Yes, that true, but if you take the time to look around and ask some friends, there are some relatively good places, cheap prices and  good deals on the east side of the Big Island. Here are a few of my favorites that I usually go back for especially since they are either free or very cheap, just like me :)

$5.00 Live Entertainment at the Palace - Aloha Wednesdays, every week is a new act so come often.

Cheap loco mocos at Cafe 100 from $2.75...what a deal!

A whole bouquet of exotic tropical flowers for only $5.00 at the Hilo Farmers, thats a deal!

$2.00 for a large shaved ice with your pick of tropical colors, try the coconut and mango, my favorite.

Fresh fruits or vegetable direct from the farmers at hilo farmers market, and the prices are goooood.

$1.75 for an amazing eclair at Puff City (they are da best!), Tell Fran that I sent you....

$1.00 for seven papayas at the Keaau farmers market from my favorite vendor, these are very tasty.

$1.50 movie night or day at the Kress, thats any day or night all week long!

Cheap bento boxes like my favorite place A Puka Puka Kitchen for cheap eats.

Free rides on the hele-on bus, you can practically go all around the island for free..bring your camera!

free samples at Big Island Candies (love) ... okay twist my arm and we can go back again soon!

My Favorite Stylist at Ohanas Beauty $8.00 Dollar Haircuts - what a deal...thank you Cherie!

Here's a few more freebies that I didn't get a chance to take photos of but wanted to include in this list.

Free beer samples at the Mehana Brew Headquarters, don't tell them I sent you.

Free Aloha Saturday events at the East Hawaii Cultural Center

Free Entrance to the Hilo Botanical Zoo, the plants are just as fierce as the animals.

Free Public Fairs and Events that happen regularly, ie Black and White Nite, International/Intercultural Event Day.

Free Garbage Dumping at all the recyling places, the Keaau Recyling center has a re-use depot for cheap re-use items for sale.

Things are actually affordable in East Hawaii, you just have to ask and friends will tell you, or ask me and I'll give you more hints.

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  1. Noel, thank you for this post, it's good to learn about how we can live in paradise and not break the bank. Plus, so many of your suggestions here are sooooo good! I so wanted to go to the candy company and puff city, but didn't find them on the couple of days we spent in Hilo, too busy doing other things I guess.


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