Sunday, February 10, 2013

Discovering beautiful Pohoiki on the eastern Puna coastline.

On a beautiful sunny day, you can't beat driving down the lush forested areas along Pohoiki and Mango road down to the coastline and the boat ramp. Along this panoramic drive down idyllic papaya farms and tropical forests you end up eventually at the rugged coastline of Pohoiki and Isaac Hale Beach Park. The skies and ocean are dramatic and colorful and its inviting to explore and just watch the surfers and other water loving enthusiasts playing in the enticing waters.

The afternoon light is very attractive and everything looks so vivid and dynamic - its these amazing days when you just want to be outside, in the water along this gorgeous coastline. The black and white studies show this colorful area in a different and more graphic perspective that shows the contrast, light and environment in a more pronounced and bold way.

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