Monday, July 29, 2013

Hurricane Flossie on its way and we celebrate with Hula

In Hawaii, it's rare to get hurricanes to come to Hawaii and on the occasion that they do become something, it usually gets quite devastating. But the majority of the time, the two large mountains of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea creates enough buffer to change the directions and minimize the impact to the Big Island. In spite of recent updates and hurricane advisories, our hula group still decided to still gather have our hula and luau in Wailoa park on a spectular sunny day in Hilo.

On such a nice sunny and blue sky day, how can you cancel anything on this beautiful Sunday - besides it's the calm weather before the storm and it was quite a gorgeous day and celebration. The dancers start to filter in and put their prepared specialties for the typical Hawaiian pot luck lunch.
First, we pule (pray) and ask for blessings before the feast and dancing gets started....okay everyone, let's dig in, and what a spread there was with all the good local kine food! Every dish tasted ono (tasty) and everyone kept going back for seconds including some amazing desserts.


Placing fresh flowers on the head of Alakai sister, Darline and celebrating her visit back to Hilo.


Under the direction of our kumu Iwalani Woo O'Brien, who teaches at the Kamana, Keaau and Pahoa community centers, each class gathered for the first time and danced together as a group ensemble. Crank up da music, we are all ready to get started.


Iwalani showing us how to pick up those fresh blooming puas (flowers)

Before everyone started to fall asleep or take naps, the music started up and everyone jump to the floor sans flip flops and started to sway to some old favorite tunes that Iwalani taught all three classes to perform. I chose to sit out to take some pictures and video for the party so I could post these later on this blog.

Beautiful aloha smiles and expressions.



Of course the late afternoon light was just perfect along the Wailoa river to go some group shots, it took a little bit of direction but I finally got everyone in order and here is the final shot - smile everyone!

Here's the final picture with beautiful light and gorgeous hula sisters and just us two kanes (guys)


Not a bad day to hang out at Wailoa park, enjoy some good food, friendship and dance a shared hulas together. No worries about hurricane Flossie today, the weather is perfect before the storm.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Island Mango Season

Mango season in Hawaii
Fresh mangoes for sale at farmers markets.

Mango Season in Hawaii

There is nothing like mangoes when they are in season in Hawaii. When the trees are loaded with mangoes, it’s a great time to start asking your friends if you can pick some or find some of the wild trees in secret spots that give the juiciest mangoes all for the taking.
Surprisingly mangoes in East Hawaii are not as successfully grown compared to the west side of the island which has perfect sunny weather unlike the wetter side of the island. The dry west side fosters larger, delicious fruit and better volumes for sale at various markets. Mango season usually starts seeing fruits at the farmers markets or local fruit stand from June until October timeframe with the peak occurring towards the earlier part of the season.

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