Sunday, June 10, 2012

San Francisaco - Neighborhood Strolls


(Team spirit showing up at a local bar)



When visiting the city, I enjoy walking the different neighborhoods and seeing all the quirky street life, the graphic elements, eclectic visuals and the funny images that I see on my strolls around the various parts of town.

A recent walk around Noe Valley to the Mission was very entertaining and filled with visuals.



I love seeing old signs that are still functional and in use.



Gorgeous abstract mural on the side of a café in Noe Valley




Inside a funky coffee shop ala ‘Tom Jones’.



Blowing bubbles and selling blow ups







I wanted to try a flavor but couldn't make up my mind so I took a photo instead.




A favorite deli on Valencia, this is a huge sign on the side of the store makes me want to come in every time.





A drug store gone trendy bistro.



love the old graphic details to this iconic label




A repurposed planter and jack into a light in one of the cool funky shops.




I totally loved the vibe of this wall, spring is in the air.....




A nice walk, I totally enjoyed the day seeing new things and visiting some old favorite spots.

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