Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Miles of Ocean Front Property for Sale.

Guess what, for just a mere forty million dollars you can be the owner of three miles of ocean front property with a very rare green sand beach and well over 2,100 acres of raw tropical land. This area is untouched by any development and has been largely intact for many decades.

This area really feels like Jurassic Park with old trees, jungles, coconut fringed beaches and ocean inslets that are rarely seen by the public.

The estate is privately owned by an Oahu family that rarely visits and originally had plans to build a mega resort here on the East side of Hawaii until family plans made them change course.


There are no structures but a small picnic overhang with stellar views of a beautiful inslet with green sand, one of only two places in Hawaii Island to have a green sand beach.

So now you can be the owners of this beautiful and pristine land a real piece of paradise....any takers?

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Living on the Edge of a Live Volcano

Ever wonder what it would be like to live on the edge of a live volcano where unpredictable eruptions and lava can overtake whole subdivisions at a whim?   Amazingly people do choose to live on the fringe here in Hawaii, with no electric, no water and sewer systems, everything is done off grid and water is collected from the roof or trucked in.

As you can see lots are plentiful and cheap here, all boasting ocean views...and wonderful volcano views at night!

That trail of clouds actually is a trail of lava and steam coming down from the hillsides to the ocean.

Large tracts of once forested and beautiful lands are now scorched. But amazingly, new plants and trees actually sprout from pure rock and rubble - its nature at its best!

This home looks like its engulfed in lava, where actually it was sited between large areas of lava that probably had a flat lava lake where the home now sits.  Creating paradise from this land is quite an endeavor.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunset on the Red Road

Last night, the skies were ablaze with  magic all over the red road.  Before the sunset, vivid hues of lavender, dusty pinks and indigo blues painted the skies with pastel colors.

The immediate foreground of flora was a perfect foil in silohuette against these magnificent skies.

Strange rocks looming over like gaurdian tiki god over looking the ocean waves crashing just added to the exotic vibe of the sunsets.

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