Monday, April 12, 2021


Visiting Hilo - things to do in Hilo, Hawaii 

Hilo, Hawaii is the state’s third largest city and feels quiet, sleepy and unchanged from all the progress made in Hawaii. But seeing Hilo’s past and present combined with same old town vibe is actually one of the best things to experience here on the island and why it really has a special charm and place to explore in Hawaii.

Cool places to visit include:

1. Lili'uokalani garden - a beautiful japanese garden on the bayfront

2. Carlsmith Beach – beautiful lagoons and islands to swim to

3. Reeds bay – shallow water and lagoons and family friendly downtown

4. Coconut Island – small protected coves and gravel beaches with a tower you can jump from

5. Honolii beach – a surfing, body boarding beach with mostly gravel beach

6. Richardson Ocean Park – A local popular beach with sandy and rocky inlets and lots of turtles.

There's so many gorgeous beach areas but also cool places to explore like Rainbow waterfalls , Akaka Falls in Onomea area, the cool Kaumana Caves and visiting the eastern coastlines of the Puna district, Pahoa town and cool attractions in east Hawaii of Kehena beach, Pohoiki and Lava tree state park. The biggest weekend attraction being the Maku'u Market outside of Pahoa town. One of the best places to get local Hawaiian fruit, Vegetable starts and plants or some delicious desserts or local foods like Lau Lau  or some Hawaiian snacks for take out service.

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