Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Other Side of the Island


Its rare for me to go to the other side of Hawaii Island from the east side since it takes almost two and a half hours to get here, but some friends invited me for a camp out on the beach during the week and I thought its monday … why not.

Sleeping on the beach here is really peaceful, the campground’s are very well provisioned and maintained and there’s nothing like being able to camp out on the beach with cool trade winds blowing all night into your tent.

Its morning time and I’m just lounging in my tent overlooking a white sandy beach called Spencer Beach…mornings are relaxing.


There’s something magical about just looking up at the trees in your tent and day dreaming….


No-one is on the beach yet, maybe its time to take a nice walk and even a dip… I’m sure there’s alot of tropical fish busy looking for their morning meals. I spot a lot of colorful fish, and even more exciting some turtles and lobsters hiding in some rocks!


I forgot that the beaches are quite nice on this side of the island, beautiful white powdery beaches and amazing trails leading you to even more secret beaches.


I think I can just stay here all day and take a nap under some of these mesquite trees when it gets too hot…I can’t believe its February here and already 80 degrees.


Aaaah, life is good today…

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