Friday, October 29, 2010

Its Dark out There.

Its Dark out and the party has just begun...don't be afraid of shadows in the night - its only Halloween and our friends in Honolii are having their crazy Halloween event filled with some very lively characters. Tonight we have some familiar local politicians, pimps and fairies, Miss Dot Com to Cleopatra checking in for a visit. Things started off quickly thanks to the smashing drinks with the famous margaritas our host has created for these thirsty free-loaders.

Hmmm pizza, anyone up for a slice?

Its still early but our local pimp was working the hilo crowd and pimping away...not sure if business was brisk or not that night.

Aaaah the fairie from Volcano dropped by I see...boy she really got her party dress all shiny and ready

Our local politician Aunty Emily with her estranged husband who ran off to Alaska and claimed spousal abuse...I guess its going to be a tight race again this year with all the mud wrestling out there.

Cleopatra is all bejeweled and looking glamorous.

Don't they just make a lovely couple, just love all the dazzle.

Aaaay...I've been pillaging waaaaay to long, time for a nap before we check out the goodies!

What do you call this wild get up - well you can tell everyone you've seen a Puna-mabob for the first time,  consider that a treat!

Miss loves to roll the dice with these two high rollers....keep it coming were going for broke.

Aaaaah Aunty Emily, always the first to the buffet line and working the crowds for the Puna vote :)

No I am not a witch says candidate Christine O'Donnell, although I love my black hat and pearls...btw where are my fellow tea baggers?

Aaaah the hot pink Leilani butterfly has dropped in for a bit of nectar...wonder what makes her eyelashes so pink??

What can I say, all that glitz in one corner is bound to attract alot of flies.

Well this is the first time I've seen a gorilla in tie-die, i guess he was in town for another crazy banana fest. Those Hilo partiers really know how to have a good time don't you think?

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  1. LOL It look as if there was lots of fun in teh dark!

  2. Ha! Fun party! I wish I had been there.

  3. Neal, what a great post for in the dark, and it looks like a great party! I am sure a good time was had by everyone. Happy weekend.

  4. Haha It certainly looks as if everyone was having a great time! Happy Halloween!

  5. Does looking like a smashing time in the dark.

  6. That rat and trap, thank goodness it is not real. I scream even if it is not.

  7. Who knew "dark" could be so much fun!

  8. Boy, does that look like a fun party! I just stopped by your blog for the first time and it really put a smile on my face. thanks!


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