Monday, October 4, 2010

Inspiring Views in a Beautiful City

Its wonderful being in San Francisco again at this time of the year...Arrived on a very Balmy 85 degrees, and then it cooled down considerably to winter-like conditions. Since I'm staying out here in the Sea Cliff area, very close to the Golden Gate bridge, I can feel the cool winds and see the fog roll in and out at different times of the day. Fortunately, I brought a nice warm Gortex jacket to windstand the cold and windy elements that I'm not used to.

There's so many exciting things about this area, just a block away on Clement street there are over 40-50 different restaurants with cuisine around the world in a three block span. There a many local produce markets providing fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms - its so amazing to see this much variety and at bargain prices.

I've been taking alot of walks along the myriad of trails nearby along the coastal cliffs in Sea Cliff - a gorgeous and wilder area around the Golden Gate, left intact because of the steep terrain and difficult building topography - that was actually a saving in disguise from many centuries of developers that I'm sure would have loved to take advantage of the magnificent views of the Golden Gate and the even more spectacular coastline, Take a look at these amazing views of this coastline and forested areas.

More to come on my visit back to the bay area, please stay tuned.

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  1. It was great to see you yesterday, Noel!
    Btw, can you email me your recipe for the yellow seafood curry? It was deelish!

  2. Come sempre, foto meravigliose di un posto paradisiaco !!!
    Sei molto fortunato a poterci vivere.
    Come ti invidio !!!
    Buona serata :)

  3. Great tour of one of my favorite areas! Terrific captures, Noel, as always! Hope you have a great week and a great visit!


  4. Such dream - like pictures! Enjoy your stay.

  5. Wonderful photos. Fabulous scenery and great captures.

  6. Spectacular landscapes and master frames, fabulous photographs


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