Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a Gem

This is how I feel about this beautiful museum....visiting the De Young at Golden Gate park and just seeing the amazing views from the tower is worth the admission alone, the interior galleries are very eclectic and contain unusual combinations of treasures varying from local glass artists, to large contemporary artwork, to early California Lifestyle and history and then the wonderful temporary exhibits including the current showing of Impressionistic masterpieces on loan from the D'orsay Museum in Paris. Photographs are allowed with no flash, but unfortunately no photos were allowed for the Impressionistic exhibits. So, let me show you some of the galleries that I love to re-visit when I frequent this wonderful place.

I just love this gallery of local and international glass artisans that make such amazing glass sculptures and intimate objects with such color and imagination. The glass collection is so diverse with blown glass pieces to slumped or caste creations that just oooze with such vigor and draw you in like eye candy especially this huge collection of fruit almost the size of a human being.

Amazing sculpture attracts me immediately especially anything that uses backgrounds to create patterns and shadows like these exciting pieces by Ruth Asawa which is in a concrete room ,perfect for the cast shadows of her work.

These sweet ceramic teapots are so animated...the museum did an entire show of unusual teapots in an earlier exhibit and these are the remainders from their main collection. Another ceramic piece that drew me in immediately was this free formed piece over five foot tall and color, lines and curves were just magical.

Popular local artists like Wayne Theibaud and his gum ball machine along with the Bay Area figurative artists were predominant. I love to use people observing artwork like this couple fronting superman, I think the man was imagining being Clark Kent. Children doing papers on a artwork they were inspired, were an interesting to photograph as part of an overall composition to these photographs adding more dimension to these museum studies.

The entire building wrapped in copper metal sheathing was a sculptural piece in its own. I really enjoy walking around the building which was sited to create drama and exciting vistas within the park and I think it works so well in this area.

If you are visiting Golden Gate park in San Francisco, go and see this magnificent museum, it is one of the highlights of visiting the city.

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  1. Fascinating inside and out! I'm glad to know about this -- now to go visit!

  2. I usually spend so much time in the special exhibits that I don't give the permanent collection the time it deserves. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Thanks for the trip thru the museum. It was most enjoyable. You did a great job with your photos and sharing with us. Thanks.


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