Monday, September 27, 2010

County Fair Time

County Fairs are always a fun event for me, seeing all the local groups and special interests that make our island unique. This was my first time to this event and I was participating with our photography club and also singing with our local choral group so that was action packed.

In spite of the limited attractions to agricultural and home craft displays that are usually predominant in these venues. I noticed that the star attractions are geared towards children and that covered games and rides.

Which was a little disappointing, but I took advantage of the twilight timeframe to go out explore and find some interesting shots to take in this colorful event.

Following are some of the highlights, I was able to capture at the Hilo county fair.

Screaming to their hearts content!

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  1. Wow :)
    a vedere queste tue foto, immagino che ci si debba veramente divertire in questo luna-park !!!
    Buona serata :)

  2. Beautiful photos!

    The next time that happens out there, you can tell him that in Italian it writes peperoni (with a single P) and not pePPeroni...


  3. Very nice photos, you were obviously having fun with the camera.

  4. Hahahahaha!!! I LOVE the "screamers" shot!!!

  5. Your photos are amazing, Noel, the first a BIG ... wow! A dear friend just moved to Maui this week and saw today on Facebook she was on her way to a fair. She is in awe of the beauty, but who wouldn't be!


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