Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bits of my Weekend....

Been working on the blog this whole weekend since I want this to be a more visually oriented site and close to my design aesthetic. I have been tweaking the site and trying to understanding how to change formats, post larger pictures and make it look better. Well that was my intent, but trying to figure out how to do this and tinker with my limited html knowledge made this a little tricky and very time consuming, and for some reason alot of the suggestions that I followed with various tutorials never seem to work out well...who says you can actually do alot of things effectively with web tutorials( I would prefer a live demo please?)

I must say, I just hate to get bored and miss out on anything on the weekends, although there's always waaaay to many cool things to do out here in East Hawaii. Friday night was the Hilo Black and White block party which was reaaally fun....lots of costumes, great bands, some art openings, street performances, a little dancing.... a lot of funny people hanging around every corner.

Also, I did the following:

- figure drawing on saturday in arthur's studio,

- pulling out more weeds - yuck!

- watching the puna men's chorus and cabaret ** Let the sunshiiine iiiinnnnn......***

- planting my first tree in the potager garden.

- Going to the Macuu farmers market for fruits and vegetables for the week.

- playing volley ball at kalani

- swinging on a hammock

- looking at the clouds in the sky....aaaaaaahhhhhh!

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