Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Hawaiian adventure

Adventure in Hawaii

I love to travel and have an active life on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaii Island is packed with amazing places to discover and it's filled with adventure, recreation and self-discovery. If you wake up early before the sun rises, you can easily walk to see live lava flowing into the ocean continuously from Kilaeau where it begins out to the cliffs at Kalapana. Or, you can also see new lava via ocean cruise boats which almost touch the cliffs where the lava oozes and dramatically enters the ocean. 

It's very easy to enjoy a day on the water or in the ocean from surfing or paddling, snorkeling above coral filled with tropical fishes, sailing in aqua colored bays or even swimming with the giant manta rays feeding on plankton. Even exploring inland to visit some of the amazing waterfalls that dramatically fall into cold and deep pools below are fun to discover and enjoy a refreshing swim below.

I find that the choices are endless here for adventure and only left to my imagination and interest based on what's happening in the calendar or when friends call me up on a whim to do something interesting recreation-wise. It seems like every day there are so many options for new personal discoveries and visiting different parts of the island which I haven't had the time to explore and spend more time in the area. This is what adventure means to me personally, having an open mind, visiting new places in my area and trying new activities that add to my appreciation and love of the aina (land) and this entire island.

Competition and nominations

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  1. Wow, beautiful images of Hawaii! So much to see and do! Now, I wish I was going on a Hawaii vacation!

  2. Noel how many blogs do you have?! Ha ha ha, thanks for nominating me, will try to write sth today and look for pictures! By the way great pictures! So jealous :)


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