Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas parades in Hawaii

Christmas parades in Hawaii

It's already that time of year when every community or town throughout the Hawaiian Islands celebrate the Christmas holidays with a big old fashion Christmas parade. The wonderful thing about these local events is seeing all your friends and family participate in some form or another, a civic group, hobby or special interest -  everyone is wearing a Christmas banner where they feel a community spirit to be active and share their aloha.

One of the crazy and fun Christmas events that I regularly attend is the Pahoa holiday parade which is truly unique and zany at the same time. You'll never know what floats or unusual marchers will be walking down the parade route every year, it's always a very strange and wacky gathering at the same time, which is how we like it in Pahoa town, the largest town in the Puna district of East Hawaii.

Even the Hawaii county band looked very festive in their Christmas white and red, it's nice to see that they are still active in the community and funded through the county to be present and available for various functions around the island.


It's fun seeing the local ukulele marching performers doing their thing, and it looks like it's now spanning all different age groups that are getting into playing and also performing at public venues like the Pahoa holiday parade....alright keiki (kids) love the aloha wear!

I don't know why the sour face on this little guy, I asked some friends to caption this picture and the best one I got as a response that really fit well was "On the wagon for the Holidays"                       



I think this is the only holiday parade that I ever see a Hare Krishna contingent participate in, but that wouldn't be unusual for our local Pahoa parade. Diversity and being unique is actually celebrated at this Christmas parade.



Here are some more highlights of this years parade in Pahoa town




Gotta have the doggies dressed up in their crazy outfits that I'm sure they really hate, but the photo ops are always fun to do. Here are a few good ones with our furry friends below.

And then there are the strange animals and other participants that attend this yearly event below.

Of course Elvis is going to make a presence in his supped up Cadillac

What do you get with Samba dancers and tropical Christmas days....of course rainbow colors and crazy wigs to shimmy in...lets go girls - strut your stuff!

Kids and horses, that's always a treat at this parade.


Well this is a switch usually Santa comes through in a big yellow fire truck or occasionally a huge canoe. But this time, he is sporting is a matching mustang convertible with hot hostesses driving and waving....well that's a pretty cool switch Santa, love the new look!



Well this may be similar or odd to your own local Christmas any case that's how we celebrate a local style Christmas parade in Hawaii, enjoy!


  1. Great photos. Some locals, especially kids, look so adorable wearing the flashy clothes and Christmas decorations :)

  2. Awesome photography. Pahoa Christmas parades are very diverse and colorful.

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