Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunset sail in Hawaii

Sunset sail in Hawaii

Sailing in Hawaii is always fun especially for sunset cruises in different parts of the island. I had a chance to sail with our photo club and the commodore of the Hilo sailing club for the evening cruise on his beautiful trimaran. Surprisingly getting out of the slip and through the channel was relatively quick motoring out and with a little breeze, we were able to hoist the mail sails quickly.

In no time we were cruising through the bay and quickly put up the second sail or jib in the front which made the boat cruise even faster. Passing through Coconut island, the main landmark in Hilo bay, it was fun seeing this from the water and cruising around it. In no time we were able to cross from on point of the bay all the way to the other side in no time. With hardly any waves we were able to glide outside of the breakers and pass directly into the ocean.

Passing into Reeds bay, the clouds were starting to turn dark and gloomy, rainy skies were not going to dampen our sunset cruise so we head back through the harbor into the main part of Hilo bay.

Here are some more highlights of the evening cruise and sunset.




Head past the break wall separating Hilo from the open ocean waters, we head out along the Hamakua shorelines.


Evening and our sunset skies


The skies are dark and lit up magically with gold, red and orange hues against the black, despite the gloomy skies the water is smooth like glass and we cruise safely along the coastline. It was a nice pleasant sail and the cloudy skies actually added some dramatic light to the sunset. Still beautiful don't you agree?

What a wonderful cruise, I loved it and hope to be out on the water more often especially here in beautiful Hawaii!


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