Sunday, June 16, 2013

A gorgeous estate and garden along the Hamakua coastline.

I've recently visited a private estate and lilly farm owned by the Trotter family along the Hamakua coastline on the Big Island. A very lush and beautiful estate, its almost a botanical garden in its own right. It's a gorgeous property and the views are quite spectacular from the coastline.

The owners, long retired from a regular farming and nursery business now enjoy the property on their own and allow small local groups to come and photograph their amazing garden. You will be able to see almost every type of exotic plant, flower and fruit tree on this property which the owners have lavishly maintained for decades.
Come and join me on this tour with some of the hghlights below.
This is part one of two posts on this amazing estate, stay tune for some of the more
of their gardens especially their amazing collection of tropical rhododendron or ssss, its a very extensive and award winning collection.
If you would like to visit more photos of this estate, come and vist my flickr page here

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  1. Have you visited the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden outside Hilo---a paradise for photographers?

  2. Are the dahlias on your other blog growing in Hawaii? please respond to Hawaii at

  3. In één woord "FANTASTISCH" BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Lovely greeting,


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