Sunday, June 23, 2013

A drive along the Puna coastline.

It's been awhile since I've gone out to enjoy a beautiful day outside, I know you would think living in Hawaii that you would want to be outdoors everyday.  That's very true, but its also easy to get distracted by daily chores, Internet activities and other distractions that occur daily.

But waking up early and seeing the sky so clear and blue has induced me to spend a little time outdoors.....

                         somewhere by the ocean - heading out to take a nice drive along the coastline in the Puna district.

            I love driving under these tree canopies covering the roadway along the Red Road in Puna....its so lush!
                  ~ what do you think - gorgeous right?

Driving along there are some peek-a-boo views to the ocean and secret bays - stopping to enjoy the amazing views like this one below....




 Its a great drive and the breezes coming from the ocean are soooo nice against my face.


It's pleasant enough to just sit and enjoy the view, watch the surfers and look at different shades of blue ocean around the bay - the Wind is kicking up and creating a surfing frenzy....


 Even the skies are brilliant today, with Puffy clouds over head...dreamy....

Glad I took the drive and enjoyed a few hours outdoors - isn't this what its all about in paradise?

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