Sunday, May 19, 2013

Following the waterfall to the coastal overlook in the Hamakua

Ever follow a waterfall in Hawaii to where it ends in the ocean? I've always been fascinated by this simple hike but have never done this type of hike before. So when the occasion came up recently to visit a private garden in the Hamakua with a waterfall and trail that eventually falls into the ocean, I was excited.

When I arrived at the property, I talked with the other guests and everyone seemed to be distracted with the beautiful and expansive garden which in itself was worth spending most of one's time enjoying. Since no-one was ready to hike, I started down the precarious staircase leading down to the waterfall. The paths were tricky but nicely planted with colorful anthuriums and other shade loving plants.

Then I noticed after taking a few pictures, I was totally being eaten up by mosquitoes (no wonder the guests were not interested in coming down) I was the feast that morning for all the mosquitoes swarming around like breakfast time. Needless to say, I didn't stay idle in one spot for a very long time.

I could hear the waterfalls directly ahead and in no time arrived at this beautiful waterfall framed with lush fersns and greens of every color. It was beautiful and I had the whole scene to enjoy on my own. Quickly, I followed the stream bed down a worn path dotted with palms and coconut tree along with many large-leafed plants. Finally, I make it to the edge of the coastline along the cliffs framed with  huge ironwood trees and supporting the cliff sides below - quite an idyllic spot to relax. The soft breezes at this point were keeping the mosquitoes at bay and allowing me to relax and enjoy the scenic views at my leisure.

I hear the waters loudly as they cascade down the cliffs into the ocean. It was a little tricky trying to get a good view of the waterfall falling into the rocks below, all I could really see was the rushing water from the top view, but the coastline views from the edge was quite spectacular.

It was an enjoyable moment even though I couldn't see the waterfalls cascading directly to the bottom of the ocean.  Now, it was time to make that arduous hike back up those 100 plus steps to the main house, well at least if I go quickly I won't be harassed by the mosquitoes on the way back uphill.

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  1. I loved reading about your adventure discovering this beautiful place. I hope you went back up fast so the mosquitoes didn't see you! ;)
    These amazing photos. So very beautiful!!! I hope one day I can make it to Hawaii, it's really beautiful.

    Regards from Barcelona.


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