Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blue Skies at Last

The Christmas holiday visiting family and friends in San Francisco and the Bay Area was something I was looking forward to despite the dreary cold and rainy weather forecasted ahead for the holidays. And it has been dreary and wet.

So when I saw a brief hint of blue, I dashed to Bakers Beach which is a only a few blocks away and was rewarded with Beautiful skies crowned with puffy blue skies and the city looked dazzling again at least for this bright and yet brief moment in time and amazingly I was the only one at the beach to witness this magic moment - what a treasure!

The sky was starting to turn into its brilliant sunset colors, ending a cold and wet day on a slightly warmer and golden note and I was glad to witness this and enjoy the moment.

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  1. Beautiful shots. Love the coloring. Hawaii is such a beautiful place.

  2. You had a great reward for putting up with the dreariness of the earlier day.

  3. Beautiful images from such a wonderful place! =)

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    I would really want to visit Hawaii! It must be a beautiful place!

  5. What exquisite lighting in the photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge!

  6. Sorry it was soggy in San Fran....We heard about all the storms out there! Your photos are great Noel!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Sorry - late for Watery Wed.! Your third pic is my favorite, although they're all beautiful! Was in Sacramento around the same time (1 1/2 hrs. from San Fr.)
    Wishing you a happy New Year!


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