Thursday, December 9, 2010

Along the Red Road



This area along the most eastern coastline of East Hawaii used to have a one lane red asphalt road running the entire length of its shoreline and nicknamed the red road. Even thought the road was widened and black asphalt laid down, its still lovingly called the red road. The entire puna coast is magical and filled with lush forests, rugged coastline and coconut groves which all allude to a place unchanged in decades.
I love to explore this area and visit regularly to see friends and just enjoy the amazing views.


There are many lava tubes that can be explored along the ways that have been used by the ancients to bury relatives or even store provisions. These places are quiet spiritual and have such an alluring presence.




The coconut groves along the shorelines seem to extend forever and ancient trails connecting many old communities along the coast are still intact and used by locals to traverse and find secret fishing spots or areas to relax and watch all the stars at night.



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  1. Ahhh I needed that on my cold Illinois day. That is my favorite part of the island...thank you for the refreshing views.

  2. Hi Noel: -9 C., approx 20 F., here but the sun is finally out. Snow tonight. So, Noel, your photos are beckoning. Boom & Gary From The Vermilon River.

  3. I was just saying to my son this morning how much I would like to see Hawaii. Not going to happen.
    Just as well I can look at your pictures today:-)

  4. What a beautiful place this is. Very relaxing to my eyes.

  5. I feel like I just took a good nap in a hammock.



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