Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Sea Cliff Hike to Lands End

It is one of those wonderful sunny mornings in the city when the sky is cristal blue, beckoning you to be outside and close to the ocean... I took a friends bike out to Lands end by the Cliff House to walk the new trails connecting Lands end to China Beach and then to Baker Beach. You can almost walk in a nature preserve all the way along the edge of the hills and cliffside without bumping into skyscrapers or condo complexes.  The trails are nice and flat making it accessible for everyone to traverse.

I take the stairs down to the concrete observation area next to the Cliff house to observe the waves crashing and the beautiful vistas of the Marin headlands...its really brisk but clear, so you can see all the way down to Point Reyes in Sonoma.

I've always dreamed about visiting Sutro Baths during its heyday and playing in these huge pools, they are still fun to walk around and pretend...I can visualize it during its peak filled with screaming children.

Solitary croppings with holes cut out draw my attention and I look around for wildlife...

- like these huge and ominous looking crows...just waiting for something.

I love that the residents and city took alot of effort in preserving this area and getting it right, also they made it accessible to all including disabled access ramps and walkways. The area is amazingly untouched even though its highly desireable development grounds.

Walking through these gnarled and jumbled limbs of monterey pines and cypress trees is like going through an ancient forest out in the middle of nowhere, only we are in the edge of San Francisco.


This area is special, it should be enjoyed by all especially on days like this don't you think?

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  1. Wonderful series of photos from your hike. It looks like a great place to enjoy without seeing buildings. Happy New Years!

  2. Very interesting and lovely place!
    Great shots!


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