Friday, January 8, 2010

A Hike Through Shiloh Canyon + George Winston

Aloha Friend,

Please come and join my friend's Julie and Christiane and myself on a hike through the Sonoma hills up in Shiloh's wine country. To set the mood, go ahead and click on the you tube link below of George Winston's Blossum/Meadow, which is a perfect complement to our hike....okay, its time to start our walk.

We are going to climb first so it will be a nice workout, but I promise the views up on top will be worth the effort, plus we are getting a head start with our work out resolutions for the year.  Wow, I forgot how steep this trail is.

Theres a little canyon area that we have to cross before we get to the top and it has some beautiful gnarly oak trees, hardy manzanita shrubs and lots of wild ferns, watch out for the poison oak.

We are getting very close to the top, its a clear day so we should be able to see all the way through the various vineyards below and down to the ocean.

That was a fantastic fast hike to the top, now we can take our time going down and visit a pond so we can throw some sticks for Daisy.

Oh this is Daisy's favorite pond and she just loves to fetch, I just hope I can find a large stick this time.

Okay Daisy this is the last time, I've already tossed this out to you more than enough, can you please shake yourself away from me please?

Well, we are almost at the end of our hike, there should be a clearing coming up soon and we will reach the valley floor down to the parking lot.

Here we are finally back down to the bottom, what a spectacular day, you couldn't have asked for a better morning to do a hike. It was actually a very warm day today considering how the temperature drops down to the 30's at night time and it must be already 70 degrees this morning.

That was fun, thanks for joining us on our hike today.

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