Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feels like the Blues, A Visit Back to the Mainland

I made a visit over the holiday season back to the Bay Area / San Francisco to relive some of my old haunts, see friends and devour any exciting food cuisines that I have missed out on. I arrived on an icy cold night and the next day was no better. Since I had the day off mostly to myself, I though that a trip downtown to see the holiday lights and cheer would be the perfect anecdote to my gloomy mood.

Well, it didn't work, the drizzly rain turned into a cold downpour and the icy winds made me remember why I hated the bay area during the winter time. It got worse when my flimsy coat got completely soaked, the crowds were pushy and window shopping really put me in an off mood considering that I really didn't need anything but still had to buy a few presents for family.

The pictures I tried to take around Union Square, shops and windows were really too contrived, touristy and the rain spots didn't help either. So I decided to post these photos that I took on the same trip to convey the same feeling I had on that first morning downtown.

On a good note, I met up with an old friend and had a nice meal of Hot and spicy Thai food to forget about the blues outside for a short while, and it put me in a better frame of mind for what the holiday's are all about.

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  1. And... you made me glad to remember why we moved to Hawaii from the bay area Noel!

    Nothing like some spicy Thai food and a friend to warm up the day, even over there.


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