Monday, January 18, 2010

Bits of my Weekend

It was a very low key weekend for myself in East Hawaii, I actually saw my first mother and calf Humpback whale while I was watching the sunset coming down on Kehena Beach.

Too many errands and chores to catch up on, especially since I had and entire vacant house to finish cleaning up for some tenants that are finally moving into my rental unit.

Before I get started with the chores I decided to put out the carrot and stick first so I can get motivated.

I did a little reading in bed.

A little blogging and internet browsing...well alot actually!

Went to Arthur's studio to brush up on my figure drawing skills or lack of considering how long its been since I last went to a drawing session.

I went to the farmers market to get some provisions and talk to my favorite plant vendors

Gathered fresh avocados and lemons from the tree and prepared a dish for a Sunday night gathering.

Okay, that was enough of the fun stuff, now its time to do the weed pulling, sweeping, cleaning the bathroom and yes toilets ( can't stand this part) and moving furniture and storing back in my already crowded body loves this part. I think I should have started with the bad stuff first before so I could then reward myself and needless to say I still have alot of the yucky stuff to finish this week :(


  1. Fun post Noel, a window into your life. BTW, the dish you made for the party was great. ;-) And thanks for sharing the lemons and avos!

  2. Noel I enjoyed your post. Life is good.


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