Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii



Wearing or making leis today is special as the first day in May is our lei day and lei celebrations happen throughout the islands.



There are so many different types of leis from very simple strands to very elaborate displays.



Of course, the scented leis like the plumerias below just add to the special feeling and smell of wearing one of these beautiful leis today.





Orchid leis below are made with many flowers and are colorful and dramatic to wear.




Its fun to have events and tokens to celebrate days like Lei Day in Hawaii. Have a great May lei day!

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  1. Didn't know that there is such a diverse array of beautiful leis. I'm only familiar with the one make of frangipani (plumeira). I was garlanded with one when I visited Hawaii long, long ago. The local ones commonly used by the Indian community here are mostly of chrysanthemums or jasmine.


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