Monday, January 16, 2012

Time for Playland at Ocean Beach


I just love trains….


I always come back to the conservatory of flowers during the holiday’s so I could visit the holiday train exhibit – its one of the pleasures of visiting San Francisco during the holidays.




This years exhibit was geared towards the old Playland which originally was along the ocean front of San Francisco and had its heyday during the forties and fifties and ran all the way to the early 1970’s. The exhibit was a lot of fun seeing recreated parts of the ocean front and the huge cliff house along the edge of the cliffs.


A close up detail of the many trollies from the city going to Playland.




The ornate Cliff house, hugging the cliffs of the city and facing the expansive ocean beach into Playland.




I never saw the large victorian Cliff House here, I think it burned down in 1907, just one year after the great earthquake of 1906. It must have been the place to visit while in San Francisco back then.




As usual the place is packed with children coming to see the train exhibits and jostling to have fun at the toys and props that they can play and climb on.




How do you make this go, I’m sure this kid is wondering?




I love these special exhibits and am fortunate to see this when I visit during the holiday’s. Hope you enjoyed the visit also!

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