Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Blues?




The days have been beautiful, sunny yet crisp during the early January days I was visiting Northern California.




Its beautiful to think that even on the west coast in Northern California, they can have such wonderful and moderate winters so you can actually enjoy being outdoors. Today there were clear blue skies, rolling hills and miles and miles of vineyards.  (Or is it just the days that I was lucky enough to have perfect timing to visit?)





Spending the day up at Sonoma County up at the Russian River Valley at Martinelli Winery for a simple gathering  and potluck is a wonderful way to spend the day and visit with old and new friends.

I really enjoy the day visiting, eating some delicious foods and drinking some amazing Sonoma Valley wines and just admiring the amazing views on this day.




It’s fun trying out all the old farm equipment, even if most are antique and rusting away.




Wild turkeys roam the entire county, even though these are family pets.




Ah yes, eating is a fun pastime and the cup cakes were too good to pass up!




Such a nice visit, I’m glad I got to visit and enjoy the day here at the Russian River valley.



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