Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photo hunt Challenge

Its a cool and wet morning today so I'm on the my computer with a cup of coffee enjoying the morning and surfing the net. Well of course its photohunt day today and the of theme is trees is today's challeng. We have so many beautiful one's to show you in Hawaii, but what always comes to mind are coconut trees. Usually a beautiful grouping by the ocean with amazing vistas of the shoreline or moody skies. This scene I could never get tired of, its a picture along the shore where I take regular morning walks. Talking a picture and seeing it here, just immortalizes the beauty of this area - don't you agree?

I hope you enjoy the views from Hawaii.....

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  1. amazing trees! WOW

    PS: re: my comment on singing below. here's the post I was mentioning:

  2. Oh how I love to see Palm trees by the ocean, blowing in the soft breeze! Takes me back to all the times I spent on the big Island. Love your photo!!

  3. Hi Noel, Just stopping in to see "what's new" hope all is well in your beautiful state.

    Happy Weekend, G


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