Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Local Food Bank

The Hawaii Island Food Basket, serves all the main charity and food organizations throughout Hawaii Island and is always in need of donations and hands on volunteer help. Thats why our international cooking group decided to spend the day in two shifts to help out with sorting, packaging and cleaning the warehouse to prepare for the deluge of food needs from the various charities.

One of the main group projects was to put together ten pound bags of proteins to be used by the various charities for meals. These bags included appetizing canned foods including beans, spam, vienna sausages, tuna fish and imitation meat spreads as the typical contributions and needed items. Unfortunately, we found out that there were alot of shortages included the beans, spam and other canned meats to include in the protein bags. Sad to think that this qualifies for protein meals, but for these charities in need it is sufficient.


Our group was very happy to see that the regular food contributions have made some impact and seeing the need for additional protein, made each of us realize what is necessary and lacking from these contributions.

Aaah its break time and enjoying some time with friends.

We do hope as a group to participate in more of these group eventsand help out our food bank. Its such a small thing but makes a big difference. If you are on the island and would like more information on helping our local food bank, please visit or make a contribution to this wonderful organization. Here is the webside for more information

Happy Thanksgiving holidays to all my family friends and viewers and thank you for following my blog.



  1. What a great bunch! I have a friend who works in a local food pantry. He says it's frustrating to try to match up the donations to the lifestyles of the people in need. Too many boxes of cake mix or packages of complicated sauces....

  2. Good for you! I contribute money to our local homeless shelter in lieu of time, but I'd really like to have time to give as well. My son-in-law is from the big island and I do hope my daughter and he don't decide to go live there - nice to visit but too far away to drop in for a cup of tea! Thanks for coming by our blog, nice to see you. I enjoyed seeing your exotic garden blooms, too - in Wordless Wednesday

  3. Looks like you have a great group of friends Noel. The need is always there and everywhere it seems these days. I've done a lot of volunteer work in my life, including at Food Banks, I always enjoyed it and got so much out of it, much more than what I gave of my time. It is a circle, isn't it, giving?

    Happy Weekend, G

    PS: I got here via Link Within, isn't that a wonderful blog add-on!


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