Saturday, June 26, 2010

Purple is the Color

Back to participating on the fun photohunt challenges that occur everyweek and this weeks word is Purple, not a typical color I see when I do my photography. Outside of sunset skies and dark landscapes turning into dark night and purple colored flowers, I went for what I typicially will find my environment.

On a recent hike to a beautiful garden I was able to capture some wonderful macros of an artichoke bloom drawing a busy bee foraging through its sticky pollen anthers. The shocking lavendar/purple constrasting against the yellow and black body of its busy guest.

The little fellow was too focused on his task to notice my poking lense at his every move....and seeing his every move in detail.

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  1. Fantastic macro's of the purples in your garden, with the addition of a lovely little visitor.

    An English Girl Rambles

  2. I love artichoke purple blooms, outstanding purple shots!
    Happy purple! weekend.

  3. Great shots. That is a beautiful plant. The bee seems to agree! Happy weekend

  4. I've never seen an artichoke bloom before. Nice.

  5. Fantastic, beautiful photos. I love those bumble bees when they are covered in pollen!

  6. Purple is beautiful and your photos are delightful.

  7. Beautiful photos Noel!!! Love all the purple!
    Happy Day to you!

  8. Noel, you are right our posts are very similar! The photo I posted didn't include them, but the day I shot the photos there were lots of bees on the artichoke blossoms. I guess bees like artichokes.


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