Friday, March 5, 2010

No. 25

My response to the twenty five challenge from the four to interpret the word " nourishment " .

It has been a very dry four weeks and the rain had just started to softly drop down on the parched earth....I walked around my garden to see any progress and came upon a whole limb broken from one of my papaya trees along with some green papayas still on the branch.

I think one will make it and eventually ripen and the rest, I will still be able to gather and make a refreshing green papaya salad, a gift from my garden.


  1. Gifts from the garden are the best! Enjoy that papaya salad!

  2. I am sorry to have been here late. I am amused that i posted also the flowers and 2 varieties of papaya in my previous post before the last 2. The Solo papaya of the world came from Hawaii labs. BTW i have a few friends there and some are in the UH and one at the USDA. thanks.


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