Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skywatch Friday, Over looking the Lapahoehoe Point

The North shore of Hawaii Island is rugged with tall cliffs and waterfalls going down gulches and flowing directly into the ocean. The coastline is battered by rough seas and now teaming with many pods of humpback whales staying during the winter months and birthing during their visit here in Hawaii.

I came down to this part of Hawaii looking for the whales and see them spouting blow holes, flapping their tales and if I'm lucky, seeing them breach out of the oceans turbulent waves....and I am lucky today. I see many pods doing everything you hope to see when you look for them. They are very close to the shoreline and easy to spot.

Its a very windy day, but the sun is nice and warm, a perfect combination, I think.  Although, the water is always too rough for any chances of swimming in this bay.

Still it is nice enough to spend a few hours, just looking at the skies and the ocean and seeing the occasional whale peek above the waves.

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Happy Aloha Friday!

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