Saturday, December 5, 2009

Its The Annual Pahoa Holiday Parade....Whoppeeeee!

Well can you believe its time to celebrate Christmas in Pahoa, although Pahoa Punatics (da locals) consider it polictically correct to call it the Pahoa Holiday Celebration. This is to include all the different religions and nationalities in this community and boy was there a real hodge podge of participants, performers and  Punatics....what a show!

Here are some of the fun highlights...

Whats a parade without some clowns and a pony....giddy-up horsey....

OOOOh yummy its ginger bread sweets from the boys/girls club.

Have a Harry Krishna Christmas.....hummmmmmm.....

Aaaaaaw, its the little doggie christmas yappies!

Oh wow, even the mermaids are coming out to
celebrate a fun parade..

Ho`okupu – to sprout, grow, increase; To cause growth...

No one told me I have to hula hoop all the waaaay
to the end....uuuuugh!

Have a Shaka (cool) Christmas....Mommy go faster !!!

We're clapping for Santa...Everyone stand up, he's coming !!!

Howdy... Paniolo Girls wish you a big Aloooooha Christmas!

You caught me....yeah I wore this for Halloween also, but I still wanted to dress up for any parade!

There's always a funny moment on a parade in Pahoa town.

In Pahoa, Santa comes into town on an outrigger canoe festuned with lots of tropical flowers.

Aren't these kids having the time of their lives on this float?

These tropical flowers are the real thing on these floats,
real aloha!

Thank you Pahoa for your holiday parade, much aloha to everyone! Until next year.....

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  1. Thanks for posting pictures! I feel like a let down the community this year by not taking pictures of the entire parade like I did last year, so I'm real glad to see this post.

    I'll be posting a blog in the next 24 hrs of a bit of the set-up that I was able to take before I left for my adventure that stopped me from judging this years parade.


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