Friday, December 4, 2009

Aloha Friday, Lets Take a Nice Walk Today.

Happy Aloha Friday. It is such a nice sunny day today in East Hawaii, I think I'll take a nice easy hike today to see a local waterfall, won't you come join me?

We are going to Rainbow Falls which is just above Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. It has been raining the past week so the waterfall should be putting on quite a show.

Well, its quite busy this morning, all the tourists are up early and taking their kodak moments. We'll have to take an off the beaten path trail to avoid everyone, but of course I need to first take a shot of the waterfall.

Here it is Rainbow Falls.....

A close up view from another vista point.

Right next to the observation platform is this amazing mango tree, it seems to be over forty feet tall and not a single mango on the tree left over.

How about we take our hike and get ahead of the tourist pack down below? Theres a short climb up to the observation area overlooking the waterfalls and the vally below. Don't worry theres no more climbing outside of these few stairs to the top!

A beautiful view of our accent to the top

Okay that wasn't too bad a hike up here and aren't the views amazing from up here?

The vistas are quite clear and you can see all the way down to the ocean.

Lets go down through this forested area so we can make it down to the waters edge.

Its a little spooky around here, all the trees tend to get very close around here.

Isn't this an amazing banyan tree, all the arial roots and going down to the ground and creating new stems that will support a larger tree.

Now its getting a little more muddy on this trail so hold onto anything you can so you don't slip.

Okay, we are finally here at the waters edge, there's no-one up here at all.

What a nice way to enjoy the day in complete solitude.

Well its been a nice hike, lets go back through the forest, aren't these the strangest looking banyan trees?

Aaaah, finally back down into the main parking area, I need to take a few more photos of the amazing wild gingers around the park and one more photo of the falls before we leave.

Thanks for taking the walk with me on such a sunny day, its nice to share this with a friend.


  1. I love the banyan trees it looks enchanted. I imagine it must get really crowded around those falls, it's nice that you know all the secret paths and byways! Thanks for the sunshine! It's getting ready to snow up here.

  2. woow, my eyes just feasted on your island's smorgasbord of vegetation and landscape. that was some virtual walk with you. i'd leave it to my imagination what i could've done in that serenely flowing stream/creek ;-D. Thank you.

  3. Aloha Noel,

    Nice pictures and a very enjoyable virtual hike! Thank you for your post, I enjoyed it.

    I don't supposes you found an umbrella at the top of the steps at Rainbow Falls? I left mine there last time I visited!

    Best regards,


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