Friday, August 2, 2013

First Fridays in Hilo

First Fridays in Hilo are really a fun event in town, considering....

     that Hilo is usually a sleepy place after 8pm, but look -
                 *** everyone is out and enjoying the evening,

                                                and of course
                                                        the food trucks


Lots of great choices - the food vendors were lined up by the's great to have a fun venue to check out all the ono (delicious) foods in one spot.

       How about some wood fired pizzas?

I just love watching  food actually cooking by a fire, don't you?

I had to try some of the meat on a stick from Mister 'D', it was pretty good and the sauce - finger lickin' good BBQ!

Mr. D giving the shaka (hang loose) Hawaiian style...

You have to try these in Hilo, they are not just ice snow cones, they are flaky soft snow globes, almost like soft flaky sorbet....This one below is liliquoi (passionfruit) with Li Hing Mui topping, also ono!

Walking around was an interesting parade of quirky, corny but fun, hey it's Hilo anything goes and the entertainment is free.

There's always a dog dressed up for the party, don't ya love the polka dots?

Everyone is into yoga here in Hawaii....of course there's always the 'Latest' trend and this time it's called Acro-Yoga (self explanatory)

Lots of art galleries open with all the new work from local artists on display - some good, some strange....I actually like the street graffiti that's just starting.


This one was free standing....I think it's made of jelly bean, want to sample?

More acrobatics, but this time the adult version...anyone want a free lesson?

Okay time to stick to G-rating, lots of families out for First Fridays, here's a little circus performance just for the kids....

Gotta take some of these home for breakfast, lunch and dinner - Hawaiian mangoes are oh soooooo gooood...



 Lets check out the bandstand, there's always some cool and funky local bands playing, besides I like watching the crazy people dance in the dance floor!




That's it nights over, it was fun, my friend Atma and I had fun at First Fridays and bumping into so many friends. That's Hilo, a friendly small town in Hawaii, just the way we like it!


  1. Noel,
    Wow! Looks like it was a great evening. So much to do and eat. I would have been worn out! Great post sir!

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for commenting and visiting our First Fridays in Hilo

  2. Couldn't make it last night, but thanks for the pics - great shots!

  3. It was fun running into you and meeting Atma last night, Noel...and taking your picture ;-)

    1. Oh yes, sorry Sonia, I forgot to credit you on the last photograph, thanks!

  4. Aloha Noel!

    Mahalo for the snapshot of my pole dancing! I pray you did not find the dancing too "adult", as I strive for a focus on safety, artistic value and form. As a nationally certified (both US and Canada) instructor I wish I could offer those free classes you mentioned, but alas, I must keep my studio doors open. Classes are inside the CrossFit gym on Kamehameah at Banyan Drive and I would LOVE to see you there! YES! I teach the gentlemen as well as the ladies. Again, mahalo for the shout out! -Trixie Lovett

  5. Just what IS the Lilikoi and Lihing Shave Ice thing and WHERE can I get one it looks amazing :-) and I am always looking for anything that has either or both


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