Monday, December 10, 2012

December International Food Group Dinner

Its our last monthly get together for the Big Island international food group and tonight's cooking event is being held at a local carport in Hawaiian Beaches - the typical gatherings at most Hawaiian parties are usually held in carports.

Although this event, is quite festive and the pupus (Hawaiian for appetizers) are very well put together little bites in beautiful desplays to our discerning foodies.

What's a party without a little Xmas cheer and mistle toe greeting?

How would you like to try baby pears wrapped and baked in thick bacon and maple syrup, anyone takers?

The requisite party game involves teams competiting with each other and the losing team donning the typical L branding - meaning 'Loser'.
Another delicious bite of this zucchini and tuna pupu with fancy sprigs of mint and green onions.

A moment of surprise captured prior to opening the beautiful red wrapper!

I think our dining participant might be comtemplating the dreaded secret Santa exchange, not sure if she wants to open this for the moment.

Christmas parties are always fun and entertaining, even better when they involve amazing food created by food enthusiast from the Big Island.

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  1. Hi my friend :)
    from our home to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas !
    by Myriam ♡


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