Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hilo County Fair–Excitement of Twilight to Evening





There’s nothing like enjoying a few hours at our local county fair in Hilo to enjoy a few hours of pure pleasure. Its always fun to sample some food greasy fried food, play some of arcade games, view the cheesy displays and shows and of course go on the thrill rides. I love the fair in Hilo because our photo group puts on an amazing effort to showcase our members works, and it is a pretty talented group of artists with varied photo interests.






The best part of the fair for me is walking around the fair and taking photos of things that grab my attention like the rides, the people and quirky things that happen spontaneously. I especially love the timeframe from twilight to evening when the lights come up and everything becomes more alive and graphic, there’s a real sense of excitement in the air.




The magic twilight hour approaches, showing dramatic skies to this festive scene.


Even the food stands like this french fry booth becomes a visual delight with its colorful and graphic elements drawing you in, not to mention the smell of fried food.




At night all the colorful and flashing lights heighten the details and attracts your eye to see everything that pops up and draws your immediate attention.






The gaming arcade is brightly lit and filled with color and bold patterns with tacky stuffed animals, beckoning everyone to come and play for a few minutes or more.











I love the sweet smiles and squeals of laughter coming from the merry –go-round.  There’s always a photo opportunity with animated animals , kids and bright lights blurring details that give a sense of motion.




A little girl with a Hello Kitty fetish has acquired a whole collection of new dolls while dispensing all her save coins at this venue, I think she wants to win as many kitties as possible before she empties out her purse completely .





The games attendant sweetly smiles early in the evening before the crush of kids wipes out her energy and enthusiasm.




What is it about coming up to the the ferris wheel, I’m always attracted to come up closely and take a photo,  I guess this would be your standard photo that everyone associates with being at any fair.




It was a fun day at the fair in Hilo and I enjoyed myself and I think I got some decent pictures out of it also.

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