Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chinese New Year in Hilo

It was an auspicious occassion to have heavy rain at the Chinese New Year celebration in Hilo, Hawaii. The year of the water dragon was celebrated Hilo style with an amazing monsoon storm, which didn't deter any of the participants to the yearly event. There were many dragons and dragon dances on display along with an endless supply of really loud firecrackers to the audience delight.

A surprise visit below is visible in the children's faces, they just loved it!

Rainy days are a sign of good luck and the colorful umbrellas go up and the fun keeps on going.

I loved this shot in black and white and all the little keiki (children) huddle up together to get up to the front to see the show.

That's our Chinese New Year Hilo style, thanks for visiting!

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