Friday, September 9, 2011

A Black Sand Beach at Punaluu and Turtle Refuge


I love going to this beautiful black sand beach at Punaluu on the southern part of Hawaii island. It is a turtle refuge and sanctuary for endangered Green and Hawksbill turtles. Punaluu means fresh water with underground fresh water flowing into the bay. Ancient tribes living here utilized the underground streams for survival in this mostly arid and dry region of the island.

The area is also a sacred area filled with ancient temples or heaui complexes used for rituals by the ancient peoples living in this area. It is a very special place and an amazing area to visit on the south side of the island.


  1. Wow, this would make a wonderful painting too. I'm going to share this with a "turtle-loving" friend I have too. Thanks for sharing Noel.

  2. Geraldine sent me a link to this post. What a beautiful sanctuary. Thank you for this incredible photo.

  3. wow! that's an amazing picture! I love turtles so much! They are special animals! Last year I volunteered for the sea turtle protection society of greece and had the time of life! But this not the only one reason why this picture made me feel moved. It's also because in the island where I grew up there is a beach with black stones and this beach with the black sand reminds me of nice chilhood's memories.
    Anyway... Great post! Keep us update!

  4. We saw many turtles there...only one resting on the beach, but when we watched the waves, we could see them in the waves, backlit by the sky. Very special place.

  5. That is a special place. I've never seen black sand before and it certainly makes for one fascinating vista. What a great home for those magnificent turtles.


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