Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mardi Gras Moments

The fairy is coming from the magic forest to welcome guests to a Mardi Gras party ... come on down and join us won't you?

Oh wow here are some of the rare peacock beauties primping at their best.

The king and queen of the event with our ever present Jester, not a serious moment in this party, love the crowns and jewels...

Can we have more partyers with beads and features in this pic please, I just don't think we have enough here...

Waddya think..are my feathers purty enough???

High five!

Here's our hostess with the the bow tie man.

Time to git down and boogie oogie to the beat....

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  1. Heard about Tsunami warning. Hope you guys are away from the sea and safe..


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